A number of faculty members also have dedicated laboratory Linux tower servers for special uses for their research. All are located in a centralized server room in Scott Rudolph Hall maintained by Hugh Chou.

Alex Bradley has a HP Proliant server that is used to backup and support the equipment in his laboratory, act as a repository for LiDAR drone imagery, and also provide remote virtual applications for students.

Bill McKinnon has a Dell Precision workstation and a dual-processor 12 core PowerEdge server which have been used for MATLAB analysis, planetary surface model simulations  and CITCOM mantle convection finite element analysis.

Roger Michaelides has four 24-core Dell Precision 7920 workstations for his Radar Interferometry and Geospatial Science Laboratory. Each workstation has a single Xeon Gold 5220R processor, 128GB RAM and also a NVIDIA RTX A4000 GPU. His lab also has its own Synology RAID storage device.

Alian Wang has a Dell PowerEdge server which acts as a data repository and archive for all of the collected data, instrument documentation and collaborated materials for the  Planetary Raman Spectroscopy Laboratory

The Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences also has a few other Dell PowerEdge servers running LTS versions of Ubuntu Linux for general departmental mail, file and web services. Let Hugh know if you would like an account on a system for any specific need.