Here are some selected recent articles and publications describing research work performed in our laboratory:

Along‐Strike Variations of Alaska Subduction Zone Structure and Hydration Determined From Amphibious Seismic Data, Zongshan Li, Doug Wiens, D. J. Shillington

Our facility was used remotely during the July 2023 POLENET Glacial Isostatic Adjustment (GIA)Training School in Gävle, Sweden.

The seismic structure of the Antarctic upper mantle, Douglas Wiens, Weisen Shen and Andrew LLoyd

NSF Funded Lithosphere Study of Antarctica, Walid Ben Mansour, Douglas Wiens

Onset of convection in internally heated fluids with strongly temperature-dependent viscosity, Chhavi Jain, Slava Solomatov

Upper mantle viscosity structure and lithospheric thickness of Antarctica inferred from recent seismic models, Andrew Lloyd, Douglas Wiens, Weisen Shen, Andrew Nyblade, Richard Aster, Terry Wilson

Crust and Uppermost Mantle Structure of the Alaska Subduction Zone from Ambient Noise Tomography, Zongshan Li, Douglas Wiens, Weisen Shen

Recent Ph. D. Dissertations utilizing our computational facilities

The Isotropic and Anisotropic Structure of Antarctica from Seismic Inversion,  Zhengyang Zhou, 2022

Seismicity and Shallow Structure at the Mariana Subduction Zone, Melody Eimer, 2020

Investigation and Classification of Planetary Materials and Surfaces using Novel Methods to Analyze Large Compositional Datasets: Quantitative X-ray Compositional Mapping and Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Narrow Angle Camera Photometric Analysis, Timothy Hahn, 2019

Seismic Tomography of Antarctica and the Southern Oceans: Regional and Continental Models from the Upper Mantle to the Transition Zone,  Andrew Lloyd, 2018

Seismic Structure near the Mariana Trench and Deep Earthquake Triggering in the Tonga Flat Slab, Chen Cai, 2018

Plate Tectonics Initiation on Earth-Like Planets: Insights From Numerical and Theoretical Analysis of Convection-Induced Lithospheric Failure, Teresa Wong, 2016

Seismic Array Studies of Antarctica and Madagascar, Martin Pratt, 2016

Seismic Studies of the Tonga Subduction Zone and the Lau Back-arc Basin, Songqiao Wei, 2016